Business Registration Services and Business Search (Due Diligence) Services



Purchase Business Registration (Sole Proprietorship)

If you wish to register a sole proprietorship we can assist. Name search or NUANS reports will be required for a business registration in most provinces. You will also be provided with an option to purchase an HST/GST/Payroll/Import/Export account for your business registration.

Register a business name (operating trade name) for a companyWhen a company operates under a name other than its corporate legal name, it is called an operating trade name.  We can assist in registering your business name (operating trade name) for your corporation.

Certificate of Status | Certificate of Good Standing | Certificate of ComplianceCertificates of Status | Certificates of Good Standing | Certificates of Compliance are required to confirm your company is in good standing with its government filings.  We can provide you with Certificates of Status for any province or territory.

Due Diligence SearchesWe provide due diligence searches and reporting for all provinces and territories in Canada including Corporate Profile Reports  | Writs of Execution Searches | Bankruptcy Searches | Litigation Searches | Bank Act Searches | Copies of Charter Documents | PPSA Searches.

foreign registration in CanadaThere are numerous ways to conduct business in Canada.  Registering a foreign business extra-provincially in Canada provides for a branch office to be opened up in Canada for your current foreign company.  We can also register a Canadian company with a non-resident director and shareholder.

nuans name search reportOne of the requirements for registering a company in Canada is to provide a NUANS Report | Name Search Report | Name Reservation Report depending on the province or territory in which you are incorporating your business.  In many cases, you will also be required to provide a report when registering an operating trade name, sole proprietorship or partnership in Canada.

incorporate a companyWe can assist with your incorporation.  As part of our service we pre-clear your choices of name right across Canada.  We are aware of the name granting policies of the various jurisdictions and will ensure your chances of approval of your name for use for a new company are greater.

Canadian mailing address If you require a Canadian mailing address for yourself or for your business we can assist.  This would be a mailing address only and not an address where product would be forwarded.

We also provide solicitors with Corporate Law Clerk Services (Canadian corporate law across Canada and offshore).

Our staff at Resources for Canadian Business Owners has over 30 years’ experience in corporate law and we will be glad to answer your questions. We take pride in our work and will provide you with the best, fastest, accurate and reasonably priced service available for your business registration or business searches.


Written by: Holly Crosgrey