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Resources for Canadian Business Owners is a Canadian search and registration service.

We can provide you with due diligence search and reporting including information about registered companies, partnerships, sole proprietorships or operating trade names on the public record throughout Canada including extensive due diligence searching and reporting.

We also provide registration services for Canadian companies, sole proprietorships, partnerships and operating trade names  in the provinces and territories of Canada.

We can assist businesses outside of Canada with registration of their foreign business in Canada and/or on how to set up a Canadian company with foreign ownership.

We also provide solicitors with the services of a Corporate and/or Securities Law Clerk with 30 year’s experience in Canadian corporate law across Canada and offshore.

Our staff at Resources for Canadian Business Owners has over 30 years’ experience in corporate law and we will be glad to answer your questions.  We take pride in our work and will provide you with the best, fastest, accurate and reasonably priced service available.


Incorporating in Canada

We are incorporation specialists.  We can have you up and running in no time.  We will handle the name clearance of your proposed name with the government in the province in which you wish to register and file your articles fast and accurately.  We understand how these Ministries work and what is required in order to have your articles accepted.    We can also assist you with the set up of your minute book.

Canadian Due Diligence Searches

We perform due diligence searches for Canadian companies and individuals for all jurisdictions in Canada. When you purchase our service we will provide you with a summary report of the results of the combined searches.


We can handle the registration of your partnership.  As part of our service we will pre-clear your name in the province in which you are registering and, as well, right across Canada.  This will ensure your proposed partnership name is available for use in Canada.

Certificate of Status, Compliance & Good Standing for Canadian Companies

A certificate of status can be obtained for any registered company. These certificates are not issued for sole proprietorships or partnerships or business names. Sometimes a certificate of status is called a certificate of good standing or a certificate of compliance but they are all the same type of document.

Register a Foreign Business in Canada

If you wish to register your foreign business in Canada (i.e. a company or business that has been incorporated in another country other than Canada). you will need to decide which province or territory you wish to register in.

Sole Proprietorship Registration

Do you wish to register a sole proprietorship in Canada?

We can assist with the pre-clearing of your name and the registration of your proprietorship.


Resources For Canadian Business Owners

Thanks, Holly.  You have been a really big help. I have really appreciated your advice on potential issues with the naming process.  Very glad I picked your company off the government's list of search houses!

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