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Register a CDN Co to Carry on Business in Alberta

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(price includes government fee)  The service provides registration of a Canadian company to carry on business extra-provincially in Alberta.


Agent for Service - The company being registered in Alberta must have an address for service in Alberta with a person there who can act as agent for service on behalf of the company.  This is a mandatory requirement that is frequently handled by solicitors however the person does not have to be a solicitor.  It can be a principal of the company living in Alberta or it can be some other individual or company in Alberta that does this type of service.  It cannot be a company or a person living outside of Alberta.

If you require this service you will need to inform us of this at the time of requesting our assisting in registering your company.  We will assist you with obtaining an agent for service and you will be required to provide the agent with its fees before we will be able to register your company in Alberta.  If you do not purchase this service immediately after requesting Resources for Canadian Business Owners Inc. to register your company, we will refund your money.

Requirement for Fee for Agent for Service  - Be aware that an additional fee of $100 to $300 (depending on the company providing the service) will be required  to be paid annually and  the first year of this service will be required to be paid to this company over and above our fee for assisting with the registration of your company.

Annual Requirements - Once your company is registered extra-provincially in Alberta you will be required to file each year an Alberta annual return.  There is an additional cost for this service.  The Alberta government will provide you with the form in each year that needs to be filed.  If you do not file the annual return each year the Alberta government will dissolve your company.

DEFINITION OF IDENTIFICATION:  The Alberta government requests an identification number which you will be asked during the payment process.  This identification number can be a driver's license number, birth certificate number, passport number, landed immigrant number, health card number or social insurance number.

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