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Our Guarantee

GST/HST/Payroll/Import/Export No for Cdn Sole Proprietorship

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Price includes registration of one Canadian registered sole proprietorship registered in any province or territory a GST or HST Number as the case may be, Payroll Number and/or Import/Export Number as is required. We will obtain one or all of these numbers for you for the same price.

READ BEFORE PURCHASING:  It is not possible to obtain a Business Number for a sole proprietorship unless the sole proprietorship requests one of either a GST /HST number, a Payroll number or an Import/Export Number.  A sole proprietorship is not required to register for a GST/HST number until it has a gross profit of $30,000.  If you register for a GST/HST number before your business is making $30,000 you will be required to submit 5% of your profit to Revenue Canada from the effective date of registration.  Therefore, do not register for a Business Number until such time as you need to either register for a GST /HST number, Payroll Number or Import/Export Number.  If you need to provide a tax number to a potential customer Revenue Canada indicates that you should provide your social insurance number.  You can also provide them with a copy of your Master Business License which has a Business Identification Number thereon.

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