Ontario Corporations Search | Ontario Business Name Searches

There are numerous types of Ontario corporations search and Ontario business name searches which can provide a variety of information about Ontario businesses.  If you require a business name search Ontario, pick from the below list the service which provides you with the information you need to obtain.

Type Of Search
Information Provided
Ontario Company
Corporate Profile Report
(Ontario Corporation Search)

Also called an Ontario Corporate Search which provides information about Ontario share, non-share companies and charities registered in Ontario.
  • Current and all previous names of the company
  • Registered office address in Ontario
  • Names and addresses of the directors
  • Names and addresses of the officers
  • List of all documents filed with the Ministry since 1992
  • Confirmation that the company is active
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Ontario Corporate Number assigned
  • Pre-amalgamated company names, if applicable


Ontario Company
Corporate Profile Report
Certified True by the Government
  • Same Report as above but the government certifies the information to be true and accurate and up-to-date


Ontario Sole Proprietorship Search
  • The business address of the proprietorship
  • The mailing address of the proprietorship
  • The name and address of the sole proprietorship
  • The nature of business of the sole proprietorship
  • The expiry date of the proprietorship
  • Confirms the proprietorship is active


Ontario Partnership Search
  • The business address of the partnership
  • The mailing address of the partnership
  • The name and addresses of the partners
  • The business that is carried on by the partnership
  • The expiry date of the partnership
  • Confirm the partnership is active


Ontario Business Name
(Trade or Operating Name)

A business name registered by a corporation
  • The name of the company that registered the business name
  • The business carried on under that business name
  • The registered office address of the company that registered the name
  • The business address where the business is conducted
  • The date when the business name registration expires


Copies of the Articles of Incorporation and
Amendment on file for an Ontario Company
  • This service will provide you with all or any of the articles filed by an Ontario company which could include the articles of incorporation, articles of amalgamation, articles of continuance, articles of arrangement, articles of amendment, articles of revival, articles of dissolution.


Ontario Corporate Document List
  • This document will provide you with a list of the documents that have been filed on behalf of an Ontario company since 1992
  • This will include indication of what articles of amendment have been filed by the company, all annual returns filed, all notices of change filed

NOTE:  This report does not provide you with copies of those documents.  If you require any of these documents feel free to contact us.

Ontario Corporate Document List – Certified True By The Ontario Government
  • Same as the list outlined above but this list will be certified true, accurate and up-to-date by the Ontario government
Ontario Company
List of Current Business Names
  • List of all business names registered by a company
  • The registration number and expiry date of all of the registrations

NOTE:  This search will not provide you with the addresses of those businesses.  You will need to do a subsequent Business Name Search (see above) in order to determine more information about those business names

Ontario Company
List of Current Business Names
Certified True by the Ontario Governemnt
  • The same information that is provided by an Ontario Business Name List (as outlined above) except the government certifies the document to be true, accurate and up-to-date


Point in Time Report
  • This report will tell you who the directors and officers of an Ontario company are as of a particular date in the past as well as their addresses and the positions that each of those individuals held on that date


Ontario Company
Point in Time Report
Certified True by the Ontario Government
  • The same report referred to above but this report will be certified true and accurate by the Ontario government as of the date which you have requested


Ontario Certificate of Status
  • This is a certificate that verifies that an Ontario company is in good standing.  This means that the company has not been dissolved for non-filing of taxes or annual report  A certificate of status is only issued to a company.  If you need to verify that a business name, sole proprietorship or partnership is in good standing you must obtain a copy of the registration which will indicate that the business is still active and therefore is in good standing




Written by: Holly Crosgrey