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Resources For Canadian Business Owners
Holly is incredible. She's fast, efficient and always a pleasure to work with. She handles NUANS reports and Extra Provincial Registration for our tax and accounting firm and she brings results quickly and pays attention to detail. We're always working with her because she works fast and keeps up with our customers timelines and goals. I've been working with her for some time now, and would like to work with her for many years to come. 12/10 would keep coming back. Highly recommended!
Resources For Canadian Business Owners
Holly is one of those rare people that gives 110% to her clients. She set up a limited partnership for me here in Ontario, Canada with an LLC in New Mexico USA. I was very confused and frustrated in setting this up as these partnerships are rare. Holly is brilliant in her line of work and set this up very quickly and explained the process. Anyone looking for a brilliant mind in any of her services will be pleasantly surprised of how awesome she is in her work. I won't even mention how reasonable her prices are. Try going to some corporation and getting these things done, your eyes will pop. Recommended!!! Recommended!!! Recommended!!!
Resources For Canadian Business Owners
The service and professionalism provided by Holly Crosgrey is difficult to find nowadays. The response time is super fast and the quality of the service is unparalleled.
Resources For Canadian Business Owners
Very impressed with service. Turnaround time was very fast. It could have taken me a week or more to get the paperwork needed. I would use this service in the future, and highly recommend to businesses.
Resources For Canadian Business Owners
Holly was helping me with NUANS preliminary name clearance. She is responsive, helpful and considerate. It was pleasant dealing with her.
Resources For Canadian Business Owners
Holly gave superb support in helping me in all assets of setting up my business! She offers a really great price for the service she provides. I could not stress enough how helpful she has been in getting me setup quick and painlessly. Will definitely recommend her service to others!
Resources For Canadian Business Owners
Thank you, Holly! Not only did your advice steer me in the right direction when I really needed it, you saved me money and time. I'm grateful for your expertise, and I will definitely be back.
Resources For Canadian Business Owners

I am a Tax Consultant. Last week, a client needed to register his business. I sent an email to Ms. Crosgrey. I got a reply that she was in hospital. I informed my client he has to wait. At first he could not understand why somebody else could not do his work as he needed to move fast. I explained to him how Ms. Crosgrey is the finest expert in the country and how she so painstakingly does the perfect job, with no loose ends, whatsoever. Reluctantly he agreed.

I sent all the documents/facts to Ms.Crosgrey and a day after her surgery, while still in bed, she completed the paper-work and same day magically sent us the Master Business License to hit the road, running!

Ms.Crosgrey’s boundless positive energy, sincerity, earnestness & willingness to go the extra mile in helping customers, reflects that she cares for her customers. God gives each one of us a gift of 84,600 seconds every day. I have seen her use each one of them to do her duty, transparently and diligently.

I have a personal line that I penned as counseling principle for my grand-children “If passion and enthusiasm could be married, their offspring would rule the world for eternity!”Ms.Crosgrey epitomizes that !

That is why I never have any hesitation recommending her to any client.

Resources For Canadian Business Owners
I am very grateful to Holly for her kindness, quick response and professionalism when it came to assisting me with my inquiries regarding set up of a Federal Non-Profit Incorporation. I had been quite overwhelmed with the process and she took the time to provide her insight and professional opinion about various processes to follow for the business development from Incorporation to Provincial Registrations, Trade Names and Trade Marks. Most people wouldn't take the time to assist and it's nice to find someone who is willing to share their knowledge base. Holly definitely is a gem and a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for proving that customer service really does still exist!!!!
Resources For Canadian Business Owners
You have amazing service very pleasant I thank you I would recommend you anytime
Resources For Canadian Business Owners
Thank you very much for everything you have done. I understand that you must be very busy and that I took quite some time to figure things out. I am glad to have chosen your company because I was very scared to do this without someone that had the proper knowledge. So once again, thank you for everything, I can say the service I received was amazing!   Sincerely,    
Resources For Canadian Business Owners
I appreciate, cause I discovered just what I used to be looking for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you. Have a nice day.
Resources For Canadian Business Owners
Hi Holly, Thank you so much for the great service.  Smooth and painless. Cheers Ed
Resources For Canadian Business Owners
Holly is one of the most professional and efficient persons I have met in a long, long time! I am using her service for years and it is always provided at the highest level of integrity and competence. I will continue using Holly's services with peace of mind that everything is taken care of. I highly recommend her!
Resources For Canadian Business Owners
I have enlisted Holly’s incredible business services well over 30 times in the last 10 years! She has performed everything from name searches, incorporated companies, amended directors, advised me of potential landmines – the list goes on and on. I can and do confidently and repeatedly recommend Holly to everyone from beginning entrepreneurs to seasoned business professionals. Holly’s industry knowledge, coupled with her attention to detail and friendly demeanour is only a small part of what makes her stand head and shoulders above her competition. You don’t need to search any longer – I personally guarantee that you will be thrilled after having chosen Holly!


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