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Initial Post Incorporation Documents - Ontario Pkg #1

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This package of documents includes all minute book documents required immediately subsequent to the incorporation of a company under the Business Corporations Act (Ontario), with common shares, which will have ONE DIRECTOR, ONE OFFICER AND ONE SHAREHOLDER including:

  • General Operating By-law No. 1
  • General Borrowing By-law No. 2
  • Subscription for Common Share
  • Director's Resolution to allot common share, appoint officers and approve share specimen 
  • Shareholder's Resolution to set no of directors at one and elect the sole director
  • Consent to Act as a Director
  • Shareholder's Consent to Non-Appointment of Auditor
  • Directors Register
  • Officers Register
  • Shareholders Register
  • Shareholder's Ledger
  • Specimen Share Certificate
  • Share Certificate C-1
  • Form 2 - Consent to Act as a Director
  • Form 1 - Initial Return
  • Instructions



The instructions are provided simply to assist in filling in the blanks on the documents.  No legal advice will be provided.

All documents are in Word 2016 format (docx).  

The Forms are in PDF format.



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