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Share Capital Template 8

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Share Attributes:

  • Class A Common, Class B Common, Class C Common and Class D Common – equal in all respects, discretionary non-cumulative dividends determined by directors, subject to the rights of the Preference Shares upon dissolution and then the remainder, voting
  • Class A Preference, Class B Preference, Class C Preference, Class D Preference – equal in all respects, dividends at percentage rate of the Redemption Amount on any class of preference shares to the exclusive of any other class, Redemption Amount upon dissolution and no more, redeemable at the option of the corporation at the Redemption Amount, retractable by the shareholder at the Redemption Amount, price adjustment clause, voting


  • All Classes of Common Shares Equal
  • All Classes of Preference Shares Equal
  • Dividends – No priority
  • Dissolution – Preference Shares in priority to common shares


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The Download is a zip file of a Microsoft Word Document ( .docx )

Share Capital 8

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