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Nuans Reports & Name Search Reports for Cdn Businesses

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Purchase includes one Nuans Name Search Report or a Name Search Report applicable to the province or territory you are registering in, which  can be for a proposed company registration, business name registration, sole proprietorship,  partnership registration or an extraprovincial registration.

Read Before Purchasing:  

Federal NUANS Reports:  The federal government is extremely fussy and difficult to obtain a name clearance from.  In order to have a better chance of knowing in advance whether a name is going to be accepted, it is suggested that a name decision report be obtained in advance of registering your company.  Our search house is familiar with the procedures and will have the ability to have a higher chance of having your name accepted first time round.

Sole Proprietorships/Operating Trade Names/Partnerships:  A nuans report is not required in Alberta and Ontario for the registration of a sole proprietorship, operating trade name or partnership.  You can order an Ontario NUANS or Alberta NUANS if you wish, however, keep in mind that we will do a preliminary name search BEFORE we order the NUANS report to ensure the name is available.  These types of registrations do not have legal endings.  Choose N/A for the legal ending when completing the questionnaire.


FEDERAL - $65/1 hour to 1 day
FEDERAL with Name Search Decision - $90/2-3 days
BC - $57/3-8 days
AB - $59/1 hour to 1 day
SK - $72/2-3 days
MB - $62/2-3 days
ON - $59/1 hour to 1 day
NB - $59/1 hour to 1 day
PEI - $59/1 hour to 1 day
Preliminary Only - $10/1 hour to 1 day

The name clearance approval will be provided to you in the form of a pdf by email once it has approved by the government.


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