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Ontario Sole Proprietorship Registration by a Non-Resident

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This service includes the purchase of one sole proprietorship registration in Ontario by a non-resident person and the issuance of a Federal Business Number for tax purposes.


An Ontario address is required.  If you cannot provide an Ontario address you can purchase an address at the cost of $250 per year.  This is an address for correspondence only.  No product can be sent to this address.  The address must be purchased for five years which is the length of time of registration of the sole proprietorship.  After 5 years it must be renewed.


One to two days.


This service includes the issuance of a Federal Business Number for the sole proprietorship and the opening of any or all of the tax accounts required as follows:

HST/GST (Harmonized Sales Tax/Goods & Services Tax) Account - this tax must be charged on all Canadian sales when the worldwide sales of the proprietorship are over $30,000.

Import/Export Account - If you will be doing this then you will require a tax account to be opened.

Payroll Account - If you have any Canadian employees you will be required to open this account.


The name will be pre-cleared across Canada automatically but it is not 100% accurate.  If you wish to ensure the name of your sole proprietorship is available and clear throughout Canada (and specifically Ontario), you can purchase this.



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