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Registering a Foreign Limited Company in Ontario (Canada)

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This service provides for registration of a foreign company in the Province of Ontario, Canada (i.e. a company or business that has been registered in a country outside of Canada that wishes to carry on business in Canada).  .  
LIMITED COMPANY - This service is to register a limited company.  If you wish to register a foreign LLC please go to http://www.canadianbusinessresources.ca/purchase/ontario/register-a-foreign-limited-liability-company-in-ontario 
AGENT FOR SERVICE - All foreign companies that wish to register in Ontario must have an agent for service who lives in Ontario.  This is either a company or an individual that is located in Ontario and can be any one who will be able to receive correspondence on your behalf.   If you do not have someone who can act as agent for service in Ontario we can do so for an additional fee of $450.00 per year.
CERTIFICATE OF STATUS  - A Certificate of Status will be required to  be provided by the home jurisdiction of the company that is being registered.  This certificate is to be provided by the individual who is purchasing the service.  After you purchase, we will assist you in how to obtain this certificate.
FEDERAL BUSINESS NUMBER - Every foreign company registered in Canada must obtain a Federal Business Number which is a 9-digit number.  As well, if the company will be importing or exporting goods in or out of Canada it will be required to have an Import/Export Number.  Further if the worldwide sales of the company are over $30,000 it will be required to have an HST/GST number and charge taxes on its sales in Canada.  When applying for a Federal Business Number with us we will also obtain for you the Import/Export and GST/HST numbers if needed.

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Do You Require An Agent For Service?

Do You Require An Agent For Service?

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