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The following are the terms and conditions with respect to a refund or cancellation of a service purchased from Resources for Canadian Business Owners.  By accessing the Resources for Canadian Business Owners website and purchasing the business related services offered on its site (collectively, the "Services"), you are agreeing to be bound by this refund/cancellation policy. If you do not agree with any of these terms, do not use this website.


Accurate Information and Client Conduct

When using the Services you agree to: (a) provide complete, accurate and current information; (b) abide by all applicable local, provincial, federal laws and regulations; (c) not create a false identity or otherwise attempt to mislead Resources for Canadian Business Owners or others; (d) not transmit any spam or any material that contains viruses, worms, cancelbots, trojan horses, time bombs, or any similar harmful programs; (e) not interfere with or disrupt networks connected to the Services or violate the regulations, policies or procedures of such networks; (f) not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Services, other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to the Services; and (g) not interfere with another client's use of the Services.



As consideration for the Services you have selected, you agree to pay Resources for Canadian Business Owners the applicable Services fees. All fees payable hereunder are non-refundable unless provided otherwise.

Cancellation Policy

All fees and monies paid, exclusive only of government filing fees, are fully earned upon filing with Resources for Canadian Business Owners.

In the event a Resources for Canadian Business Owners customer determines that he/she does not wish to proceed further with the order following the submission of an order with Resources for Canadian Business Owners, the customer will be only entitled to a refund of any government filing fees, if any, provided the relevant filing has not been submitted to the government or authority. Once a filing has been submitted no refund is possible.

Permitted cancellations will be provided by Resources for Canadian Business Owners by way of a credit of the account of the credit card used for payment or the PayPal account used for the payment.

No other or additional refunds are allowed or permitted under any circumstances. No refunds are available for preliminary name search reports, provincial name search reports or NUANS reports whatsoever.

Furthermore, in the event a Resources for Canadian Business Owners customer fails to respond, within 60 days, to communications from Resources for Canadian Business Owners, thereby preventing and/or hindering Resources for Canadian Business Owners from completing the service requested, Resources for Canadian Business Owners may in its sole and absolute discretion terminate its relationship with the customer.

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