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British Columbia Sole Proprietorship Registration

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This service includes the purchase of one sole proprietorship registration in British Columbia and an option to purchase a BC Name Reservation Report and/or an Federal Business Number Registration (HST number).

As part of this service we perform preliminary name searches first on all orders (for no extra cost) before we obtain a full search in order to eliminate a rejection of the name.  A preliminary name search report is about 90% accurate.  There is no guarantee that a name search report will be accepted by a government but we work to insure that it is.


British Columbia requires a name search report upon registration.  They will allow for three names to be reviewed.  We will ensure that you have three pre-cleared names to submit so that you have a better chance for approval.


The BC government is taking 15 to 25 days to preclear a proposed name.  They will expedite the clearance for an extra $100.  If you need your registration before that you will need to choose expedited service.


The Federal Business Number will be issued by Revenue Canada Agency at the time of registration but this is just the base number.  If the proprietorship requires an HST/Payroll/Import/Export number it will need to apply for those accounts to be opened.    We can assist with these registrations.

  • If a sole proprietorship makes over $30,000 it will be required to obtain a GST/HST no. in most provinces or territories.  See the section on the main site respecting Federal Business Number for more information.  A sole proprietorship is not required to charge HST/GST unless it is making $30,000 and there will be no need to register until such time.  Federal Business Numbers are issued to the person rather than to the sole proprietorship.  If you are confused in any way please contact us (416-757-3351) in advance of ordering.
  • If the sole proprietorship will be importing or exporting product across the border it will require an import/export account.
  • If the sole proprietorship is planning on having employees it will require a payroll account.

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