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Searches for Info on Businesses

If you are looking for information on a company that has been incorporated in Canada or a partnership registered in Canada or a sole proprietorship registered in Canada we will be able to assist you.   These searches will provide the address of the business along with the addresses of directors and officers, sole proprietors or partners as the case may be.  We can also assist you with information on businesses that a company carries on which are under different names.  If you are unsure of the service you need feel free to contact us and we will assist you in picking the service that best works for the information you are trying to obtain.   

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Also called A Corporate Profile Report This service is for those who need to obtain information about businesses registered in Canada,. You can...

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Purchase of one Certificate of Status, Certificate of Compliance, or Certificate of Good Standing for a Provincial, Territorial or Federal Canadian...

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This service will provide you with copies of Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Amendment or Articles of Association for a Canadian company...

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