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Service Guarantee

We take pride in our work. We want our customers to be happy with the service they order. We may ask you some additional questions at the time of ordering and we ask for your patience with this since we do so in order to ensure that the service you have ordered is the service that will provide you with the information or registration you need.

If we determine you have ordered the wrong service, we will try and provide you with the correct service or we will refund your money.

Refunds are subject to any government fees that may have been incurred in providing your service so be sure to be detailed in your explanation of the reason for the service you are ordering so we can ascertain in advance when an incorrect service has been ordered.

We have 30 years of experience in corporate law and therefore are able to provide you with a higher level of service than some of the other search houses. Refer to our Corporate Law Clerk section for more information about our experience level.

We are more than glad to answer your questions. We are reachable from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m EST most days. Feel free to contact us by email or by telephone (416-757-3351) during those hours.

We understand that many people need information about the legal requirements surrounding legal businesses. We are not solicitors and will not provide you with legal advice but we will be able to help you with many other aspects of company government and legal requirements for businesses and direct you to the proper government sources.

Feel free to review our testimonials with respect to the high level of service we provide and the satisfaction our customers have confirmed.

Holly Crosgrey

Your time and your money are valuable! You can't afford to waste either.
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