A Manitoba Certificate of Status is issued by the Manitoba government on behalf of companies that have been incorporated in that province and confirm the company is in good standing.

Timing of Receiving a Manitoba Certificate of Status

The Manitoba government is not computerized as yet.  It can take 3-5 days to obtain a Manitoba Certificate of Status.  It will be provided in the form of a pdf and forwarding to you by email.

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Who Requires Manitoba Certificates of Status

Any person or company that your Manitoba company is dealing with in its day to day business may ask you to provide them with a MB Certificate of Status to confirm your Manitoba company is in good standing with the MB Companies Office.

Anyone can also order a MB Certificate of Status for your company to check for themselves whether your company is in good standing.

MB Certificates of Status are sometimes required by banks, law firms, government offices, when your company is buying property, registering a vehicle for your company, renewing a domain name, dealing with offshore suppliers, etc.

A Certificate of Status issued on behalf of a Manitoba company will provide the accurate current name of the company, the corporate number issued for the company by the MB government and the status of the company, i.e. whether it is still active and in compliance with its filings.


When Will a Manitoba Certificate of Status be Unable to be Obtained

Manitoba companies must file tax returns each year and if those returns are not filed for a number of years the federal government will request the MB government to dissolve the company.

Manitoba companies are also required to file MB Annual Returns with the MB Companies Office.  If these are not filed timely each year it will not be possible to obtain a MB Certificate of Status.