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Newfoundland Certificates of Status are issued by the Newfoundland government and indicate whether the company is in good standing.

Why is a Newfoundland Certificate of Status Issued

Certificates of Status are sometimes required by governments offices, suppliers, new investors, lawyers, when registering a vehicle, and for a variety of other reasons.

What Information is Provided by a Newfoundland Certificate of Status

A Newfoundland Certificate of Status issued on behalf of a Newfoundland company will provide the accurate current name of the company, the corporate number issued for the company by the NL government and the status of the company, i.e. whether it is still active and in compliance with its filings.

When is a Newfoundland Company not in Compliance

Newfoundland companies must file tax returns each year and if those returns are not filed for a number of years the federal government will request the NL government to dissolve the company.  A certificate of status will not be able to be obtained until the company has filed all tax returns and been revived.

Timing and Delivery

A certificate of status for a Newfoundland company will take 24 to 48 hours to be provided and it will be in the form of a pdf.