Purchase Due Diligence SearchesWe perform due diligence searches for Canadian companies and individuals for all jurisdictions in Canada. When you purchase our service we will provide you with a summary report of the results of the combined searches.

Different Types of Due Diligence Searches

The searches we perform are:

  1. Bankruptcy Searches – These due diligence searches will provide you with a bankruptcy search on any business or individual in Canada.  If the business or individual has claimed bankruptcy the search result will show this.
  2. Corporate and Business Name Searches – These due diligence searches provide you with a summary of the information on the public record for a company or a business including share companies, not-for-profit companies, sole proprietorships, partnerships or operating trade name registrations.  The information will be the registered office address, the names and addresses of the officers, all previous names of the company, incorporation date, and sometimes the owners.
  3. Certificates of Status or Good Standing – These due diligence searches will provide you with a certificate which confirms that a company is in good standing with its corporate filings.  These are not issued to sole proprietorships or partnerships.  If you need to determine if those entities are in good standing a business name search should be performed to confirm the registration of the sole proprietorship or partnership is  still active.
  4. Copies of Articles and Amendments – If you need to obtain copies of the incorporating articles and amendments relating thereto, it is possible to order these documents are part of your due diligence searches.
  5. Personal Property Security Searches (PPSA) – These searches will provide you with a summary of all liens and registrations under the provincial Personal Property Securities Registrations Acts in the provinces you are interested in.  These due diligence searches can be performed on any type of business and person.   Any outstanding loans from banks, for equipment, motor vehicles, etc. will show up on these searches.
  6. Bank Act Searches – These due diligence searches will provide you with a summary of any liens for goods or equipment providing a Bank with a preferential lien against a business or person.  Banks lend money to dealers, retailers, shippers or wholsalers for “products of acquaculture, products of quarry and mine, products of agriculture, products of the forest, products of the lakes, rivers, sea, merchandise and wares, manufactured or otherwise” and the agreements entered into between the Bank and the borrower relating to these loans will show up on a Bank Act Search.
  7. Litigation Searches – These due diligence searches will provide you a list of all ongoing court cases in a requested jurisdiction for a company or person.  Court cases can be started in any city so it is important to determine the most likely place where actions may be started for a business or individual, which is usually the jurisdiction where the registered office address of the business is located or where the individual lives.  Copies of court documents can be obtained as well.
  8. Writs of Execution Searches – These due diligence searches will provide you with a list of all executions outstanding from Sheriff’s office in a particular jurisdiction.  These executions relate to court cases where a business or individual has a judgment against them.


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Timing of Due Diligence Searches

Some due diligence searches will be available immediately and others will take up to a week or 10 days depending on the province or territory.   Some Canadian jurisdictions are more automated than others.  As the searches are obtained they will be provided to you and a summary report will be provided at the end.