Purchase NUANS Search ReportsIn order to register a company, and in many cases a business name, sole proprietorship or partnership in Canada you will be required to provide a NUANS report or a name search report specific to that province.

These name search reports allow the government to ensure the name has not been taken by another business.  Most provinces and territories take name granting seriously. Having a distinct and descriptive name is very important.

It is advisable to have your proposed name pre-cleared BEFORE you order the name search report to ensure the name will be acceptable to the government.  Our service includes FREE preliminary name searches with every purchase.

Read CHOOSING A NAME FOR YOUR BUSINESS before you make a final decision on your name to learn the name granting guidelines in Canada.

What you Receive when you Purchase a NUANS Report or Name Search Report

When you purchase a NUANS Report or Name Search Report with us we provide you with the following:

(1)    Pre-clearance of three or more proposed names

(2)    All preliminary name searches FREE until a name is determined to be available

(3)    30 years’ experience in pre-clearing names for a higher chance of government approval

Special Considerations for Federal NUANS Reports

The Federal government has strict guidelines when approval names for federal companies.

How to Purchase a NUANS Report or Name Search Report for your New Business

Choose the province in which you wish to obtain a NUANS Report or Name search report.  Click on that line and it will take you to our shopping cart.