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A Prince Edward Island NUANS Report is a seven page report which is generated from the Nuans name search system in Canada. This database compares a proposed name or trade-mark with a database of existing names that have been registered anywhere across Canada.

What to Consider Before Ordering a PEI NUANS Report

A PEI NUANS report is required when you register a company, sole proprietorship or partnership in Prince Edward Island.  The NUANS report confirms to the PEI government that the name you wish to register is available.    It is advisable to do a preliminary name search of any proposed names of your business in advance of ordering a full PEI NUANS report.  If you do not perform a pre-clearance of the name there may be conflicts on the report that prevent you from using the NUANS report.  The PEI government will review the NUANS report very carefully and even similar names may be a conflict.  An experienced search house will perform a preliminary name search on your behalf and let you know in advance of providing you with the NUANS report confirmation that the name is available.

Choosing a Name for Your PEI Business Before Ordering a PEI NUANS Report

Before ordering a PEI NUANS Report, the aspects of a name should be considered so your PEI NUANS Report will not be rejected.  A company should have three aspect to its name.  Refer to the section called choosing a name for more information about PEI registrations to insure that you can pick a name that will be available for use.