Business Information SearchesWe can provide you with a search of the public record for any registered:

  • company,
  • operating trade name,
  • sole proprietorship,
  • partnership, or
  • non-share companies such as clubs and charities

for any province or territory in Canada.  This service allows you to order multiple searches for different businesses.  If the business is registered in Canada we will be able to find its public record.

Not sure what type of registration you are searching?  Contact us and we will be glad to look the name up for you in advance to ensure there is something on record for you to search.

If you require information on a business which has been registered in Canada, the more information you have on hand about the business will make it easier for us to search the record.  The exact name can be important in some cases.  If you have a registration number and know what jurisdiction the business was registered in this can help as well.  Feel free to add this additional information in the comment box when you order from us.

Corporate searches are sometimes called corporate profile reports, company summaries or company searches depending on the province in which you order the search.

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Corporate Search

A Corporate Search, being a search of the record of a registered private or public company, will provide you with different information depending on the province in which the company was registered.  For instance, in Ontario shareholders are private, however, in Alberta the shareholders of a company are on the public register.

Due Diligence Searches for Corporate Transactions

If you require a number of different types of searches for one particular business, which are normally called due diligence searches, feel free to go to our due diligence  searches section to save time.  These types of searches are normally done on behalf of solicitors and include a corporate search, personal property security search, bank act search, litigation search, bankruptcy search and writs of execution search.


Timing will depend on the jurisdiction.  Some governments provide these searches quickly while others can take a few days.  The results will be provided to you by email.

If you to ensure whether a business is actually registered before you order a summary of the public record give us a call and we will check for you.