Alberta Business Search – Alberta Corporation Search


One type of Alberta Business Search is an Alberta Corporation Search.  If you are doing business with an Alberta company it might be advantageous for you to do what is called an “Alberta corporation search” sometimes called an “Alberta company search” or “Alberta corporate search”, or an “Alberta Non-Profit Search” for Alberta non-profit companies. An Alberta corporation search can be obtained from us and will be provided to you in the form of a pdf.  It takes 1-2 days to obtain a corporate search.

There are different types of Alberta business searches so it is very important when determining what search to have done that you ensure you are ordering the correct one. You would not want to do an Alberta name search or an Alberta NUANS search in order to determine information about a company. NUANS name searches are done to determine if a name is in use. Likewise you would not want to do a corporate search for a business, sole proprietorship or trade name. That would be considered an Alberta trade name search. If you have any question as to whether you are ordering the correct product send an email to the online service you wish to use first and let them know what information you are trying to determine about a corporation and they will direct you to which search you should be ordering.

The Alberta government provides more information about a corporation when you purchase an Alberta corporation search than most other provinces which can be a benefit. In many of the provinces you will not be able to ascertain who the shareholders of a corporation are. The shareholders are the owners of the corporation. The directors are elected by the owners to handle the business affairs of the corporation and the officers are appointed by the directors to assist them with their duties.

An Alberta Corporation Search will provide you with the following information:

  • corporation’s registered office address in Alberta – names and addresses for all directors
  • names and addresses of all shareholders and the percentage of ownership that each shareholder owns in the corporation
  • the name of any other company that the corporation owns shares in
  • confirmation that the corporation is up-to-date with its annual return filings and therefore in good standing with the government
  • a list of all of the filings that the corporation has done to date and the dates of those filings which would include changes in its name, changes in its directors and/or changes in its address
  • a breakdown of the share structure of the corporation which would tell you the types of shares that the corporation may issue, i.e. common, preferred
  • the corporation’s Alberta access number which is the number which the Alberta government assigns to the corporation
  • a list of all previous names of the corporation – date of incorporation
  • the nature of business if there are any restrictions
  • any restrictions on the corporation’s ability to transfer shares

The one thing that the Alberta government does not provide with an Alberta corporation search are the names of the officers of the corporation, however, frequently for smaller companies one or more of the directors will hold the standard position of President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.

Alberta Business Search – Alberta Trade Name, Sole Proprietorship or Business Name Search

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An Alberta trade name search is a search of the record of an Alberta sole proprietorship or partnership. The search results will provide you with the name of the sole proprietor and his or her address in the case of a proprietorship or the names of the partners and their addresses in the case of a partnership.The search will also show the date of registration. AB trade names are perpetual so there will be no expiry date. The address of the business will also be shown on the search. The sole proprietor is considered the owner of the business and in the case of partners, each of the partners is an owner.

Alberta Business Search – Alberta Partnership Search

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An Alberta partnership search is the same as an Alberta trade name search.   A trade name or partnership search will provide you with all of the names of the partners and their addressed.  It will also show the address of the partnership.  Partnership registrations are perpetual so there will be no expiry date.