NB Business Search – New Brunswick Corporate Search

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A New Brunswick Corporate Search is one type of NB Business Search.  A New Brunswick Corporate Search is a search to determine information about a New Brunswick company that is on record with the New Brunswick Corporate Registry.  The type of information that you can obtain by performing this search is:


– all current and past names of the company

– the registered office address

– the names and addresses of all of the directors

– the names and addresses of all of the officers


You will not be able to determine who the owners of a New Brunswick company are because that is considered private, however, frequently directors are owners as well for small businesses.


We can provide you with a corporate search for a New Brunswick company.


If the business is not incorporated it would be a different type of NB Business Search.   A NB sole proprietorship search or an Partnership search will provide information for those unincorporated businesses.  If you are not sure what type of search to perform contact us.  We are most then glad to let you know which service you need to purchase.


NB Business Search – Sole Proprietorship Search or Search of Business Name Registered in New Brunswick

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If you require information about a sole proprietorship registered in New Brunswick, or a business name registration on behalf of a New Brunswick company or a company that is extra-provincially registered in New Brunswick this search will assist.  You will be provided with the address, nature of business and the person or company that has registered the business name.


NB Business Search – New Brunswick Partnership Search

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Another type of NB business search is a NB partnership search.  A New Brunswick partnership search provides all of the names of the partners of the partnership along with their addresses.  It will also provide you with the addresses of the partnership.  It is important to know the proper name of the partnership before you order the search.  If you wish us to check the name for you please contact us and we will be glad to take a look in advance of your ordering your search.  You will also be able to determine what the nature of business of the NB partnership is.