When purchasing a Nova Scotia business search there are a number of different types.  A search of NS companies, NS sole proprietorships, NS partnerships and NS operating trade names can be done.

Nova Scotia Business Search – Nova Scotia Company Search

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If you request us to perform a search of a Nova Scotia company registered with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks, you will be able to obtain information on (a) the registered office location, (b) the mailing address, (c) type of company, (d) the number assigned to the company by the Nova Scotia government, (e) the nature of business of the NS company, (f) the names and addresses of the directors and officers of the company, (g) a history of the types of filings made by the company with the Nova Scotia government.

You will not be able to determine the ownership of a Nova Scotia company by performing a NS corporate search.  This is considered private information.

With respect to the list of directors and officers on file with the Nova Scotia government, every company registered must annually complete a NS annual return.  This return requests current information about the directors and officers.  Therefore, a NS company search will provide information on file which will be accurate up to the date of the last annual filing performed. You will be able to determine this by looking at the history of the filings on record.  If the company regularly updates it’s record with the government as it is required to do, the information will be current as of the date of the search.  You will be able to tell how often the company updates it’s record by reviewing the activities with respect to its filings with the NS government.

Nova Scotia Business Search – Nova Scotia Sole Proprietorship or Trade Name Search

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In addition to Nova Scotia corporate searches, we can also perform searches on business names in Nova Scotia.  When we perform a search with respect to a business trade name registered on behalf of a NS company or a NS sole proprietorship search you will be able to determine: (a) the name and address of the company or sole proprietor that registered the name, (b) the nature of business, (c) the status of the registration, i.e. is the registration still active and has not been cancelled, and (d) the nature of business.

Nova Scotia Business Search – Nova Scotia Partnership Search

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A NS partnership search will provide you with the (a) physical and mailing address of the partnership, (b) the names and address of the partners who registered the partnership, (c) the nature of business of the NS partnership, (d) whether the partnership is active and has not been cancelled.