Purchase a Sole ProprietorshipA sole proprietorship is a form of business registration that is registered by one individual. To register a sole proprietorship, it must be done provincially. If you are conducting business in more than one province you will be required to register in each.

Requirements to Register a Sole Proprietorship

(1)  A name search report or NUANS report is required in all provinces except Alberta and Ontario.  You may wish to order a NUANS report for Ontario and Alberta to ensure your name is completely clear although we will do a preliminary name search which will rule out 90% of conflicts.

(2)  If you believe your sales will go over $30,000 very quickly you should register for an HST number at the same time as you order your sole proprietorship registration.

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If you require more information about sole proprietorships refer to:

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When you Order from us we will provide you with the following:

  1. We will pre-check your name right across Canada to ensure you have a better chance of having your name cleared by the government when they review the name search provided
  2. 30 years experience in conducting name searches to ensure you pick a name that is distinctive and different from others in Canada thereby preventing future problems with name litigation
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