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In order to register a sole proprietorship in Saskatchewan you will be required to provide a Saskatchewan name search report prior to registering.  Saskatchewan has its own name granting system and it is therefore important to ensure that the name you wish to use is very distinct and different from all other names registered in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Name Clearance for a Saskatchewan Sole Proprietorship Registration

The proposed name must be compared against all other registered names in Saskatchewan, as well as federal corporations and registered trademarks. The purpose of the search is to ensure that no other business has an identical or very similar name to the one you want to use for your business.

When performing a name search through the Saskatchewan Corporate Registry the Registry will check the availability of the name in Saskatchewan only.  The onus is on you as a registrant to ensure the name is also available across Canada since any name registered in any province or territory in Canada could be a conflict.  Resources for Canadian Business Owners will check names across Canada prior to submitting a request for name clearance in Saskatchewan to ensure the name you wish to use for your sole proprietorship does not conflict with any company, partnership, proprietorship already registered across Canada.  Even if you do not intend to work in any other provinces besides Saskatchewan, it is still wise to ensure you name is clear right across Canada.

Once your proposed name is submitted, Corporate Registry staff will search the name and your results will be available the same or next business day. The name will not be accepted if it is already in use or if it is misleading or deceptive in any way. If the proposed name is acceptable, it may be reserved for a period of 90 days. A Reservation Number will be provided and you may log back onto the website to proceed with the registration/incorporation.

For more information about how names for businesses are determined and accepted, refer to choosing a name for your Sole Proprietorship Registration