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I am a Tax Consultant. Last week, a client needed to register his business. I sent an email to Ms. Crosgrey. I got a reply that she was in hospital. I informed my client he has to wait. At first he could not understand why somebody else could not do his work as he needed to move fast. I explained to him how Ms. Crosgrey is the finest expert in the country and how she so painstakingly does the perfect job, with no loose ends, whatsoever. Reluctantly he agreed.

I sent all the documents/facts to Ms.Crosgrey and a day after her surgery, while still in bed, she completed the paper-work and same day magically sent us the Master Business License to hit the road, running!

Ms.Crosgrey’s boundless positive energy, sincerity, earnestness & willingness to go the extra mile in helping customers, reflects that she cares for her customers. God gives each one of us a gift of 84,600 seconds every day. I have seen her use each one of them to do her duty, transparently and diligently.

I have a personal line that I penned as counseling principle for my grand-children “If passion and enthusiasm could be married, their offspring would rule the world for eternity!”Ms.Crosgrey epitomizes that !

That is why I never have any hesitation recommending her to any client.


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