Resources For Canadian Business Owners
I am a corporate commercial lawyer who has worked with Holly Crosgrey of Resources for Canadian Business Owners for the past decade both as a sole practitioner and also as in-house and General Counsel at different technology companies in the greater Toronto area.  Holly is an experienced and seasoned law clerk with an enormous amount of knowledge of the basics of corporate law and besides performing the basics functions of incorporating a company or preparing Articles of Amendment with ease, she has sufficient knowledge to conduct extensive Minute Book reviews and more complicated corporate matters like reorganizations and the purchase and sale of a business (asset or share).  I find her always to be exceptionally well organized and always asking the right questions for missing information so as not to make a mistaken assumption.  Her work for me and the organizations I worked for was always meticulous, accurate and delivered on time and she is delight to work with as she is a complete professional.  I highly recommend the services of Holly and Resources for Canadian Business Owners to both business people and legal professionals requiring the services of a corporate law clerk.


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